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Leading in Smooth Dances

Leading in Smooth Dances

First, let me emphasize again. Leading has to be done in the spirit of wanting to help your partner do the pattern you wish to execute. You dont push or shove her around. Be gentle at all times. See what works best. Concentrate on your partner. Make an effort to become a good leader.The most important part of leading is probably body language. If your partner is attuned to you, if she listens to your body language, she can detect very slight changes in motion and direction and can react in ample time.
You can consciously emphasize your body language when needed, such as when you lift your shoulder before you prepare to sway.Leading is not something you turn on and off. When you drive a car on a straight road, you still keep your hands on the steering wheel and make small corrections when required. The same applies to the control the leader has to assume when dancing. It is always present but only used when needed.

First, get into the proper position. Look over your partners right shoulder see the first picture above and try to have your partner look over your right shoulder. Your right pelvic bone should be inside your partners right pelvic bone. This lines up your shoulders parallel to your partners, which is the best position to move forward and backward. Dont pop the clutch by starting with a sudden abrupt motion. Telegraph your intention by tilting the pole see body movement above. Remember, unless the lady is your steady partner, she may dance with a lot of different fellows, each with his own variations and peculiarities and his own way of leading. Get a feeling for the way your partner moves and her level of accomplishment. Adjust the length of your step to hers. Dont try complicated variations without first testing some simple and then progressively more advanced ones. On the dance floor, she is at your mercy. Be considerate.

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Happy Dancing!

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