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Ballroom Dancing Tips: Get Connected

Ballroom Dancing Tips: Get Connected

Ballroom dancing, Latin dancing and swing dancing are all about connection. Here are some tips on developing better connection to improve your dancing.The wonderful thing about ballroom dancing, Latin dancing, and swing dancing is that two people work together to create a beautiful art form to music. The partners rely on each other, each doing their part to make the partnership work. The leader must make the decisions about what step to dance, what direction to go and which beat to dance on. The follower must follow the leader’s directions which is more difficult than it sounds and complete the picture the leader sketches. Both partners provide counterbalance to each other to make their movements bigger and turns faster. All of this is made possible through the use of connection.If you were to ask five different people what they think dancing is all about, you will most likely hear five different answers. However, what makes dancing, dancing is simple: connection. In order to truly dance, you must be connected to the music, connected to your partner, and connected within yourself.It is easy to become disconnected when you are partner dancing, such as ballroom, Latin or swing, and not realize it because you are concentrating on one small detail—the beat, where your feet go, what you are doing with your arms. However, when this happens you are missing the whole point of partner dancing.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Types of Ballroom Dancing

Types of Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dances are couple dances where one partner leads and the other follows.
There are many different types of ballroom dancing, with the main two being Smooth style and Latin/Rhythm style.The smooth style dances are performed with the couple dancing over the entire dance floor. This type of dancing includes the Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, the Tango, the Waltz, and the Foxtrot.

The energetic Latin style of dance usually keeps the couple in one spot on the dance floor. This style includes the Rumba, Cha Cha, the Swing, Disco, and the Samba.
The Foxtrot was introduced in 1914 and has grown to have many variations. It involves the back leg and moving it in a smooth motion. It is very easy to learn and great for beginners.The flirty Cha Cha became popular in the 1950s. It is based on a lively triple step that can be danced to Cuban music or Latin Rock.

Swing dances can be performed in a variety of ways. They include such dances as the Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, and Boogie Woogie. The origin dates back to the 1920s and 1930s. These dances are performed by using jumps, kicks, and energetic moves.The Jive originated from African-Americans. It is a lively dance, similar to the Swing dance and Jitterbug.

The sensual Tango was introduced in the twentieth century, originating from South America. It can be danced in an open embrace or a close embrace.The Waltz is a graceful, elegant dance which makes it appear as though the dancers are gliding across the floor. It is danced to slow beats and involves long, flowing movements.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Following in Smooth Dances Cont…

The only exception is when your partner is about to collide with another couple while moving backward. Warn him with a tap on the shoulder, or even pull him to a halt. He’ll thank you.
Be forgiving. Your partner has a lot to think about. He has to plan the next step, lead you into it, and at the same time navigate on an often crowded dance floor. If he is like me, doing more than one thing at a time is a challenge.

DONT ASSUME you know every move the leader will make from the moment he takes your hand.
I have danced with women who seem to be on automatic pilot. They dance through patterns they’re familiar with despite my best efforts to get them to do otherwise.

Even the best leaders will find it impossible to control a woman who is hell bent on doing 5 spins when the actual lead calls for a slow half turn.

Ladies, please start each dance with a blank slate that is waiting to be written upon by the leader. Assume nothing.

Rene’s comments: In my mind I compare leading some women very few fortunately to trying to reign in a bucking horse. You never now where they’re going to go next. It takes all the leaders effort to stay in the saddle. I’m a small guy and getting on in years and that kind of effort takes a lot out of me. Ladies, please have pity!

But I have also discovered that most ladies are unaware of the fact that they are leading. What they are really doing is pre-empting their partner from making choices. They are always a little ahead of their partner. At the time their partner tries to apply a lead, their weight has already transferred to the next foot, leaving him no choice to step in the same direction. Nervousness or tenseness seem to be the major reasons for this. My suggestion for you ladies: try to relax and enjoy, be patient and wait for your partners move.

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