Sunday, November 22, 2009

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Friday, November 6, 2009



Dancing is by its very nature a close contact sport and therefore sometimes requires more explicit instructions than in day to day situations. Here are some helpful hints in this area:

1. Brush your teeth, bathe, wear antiperspirant..

2. If you perspire a lot, bring a small towel to dry off between dances and/or wear an extra undershirt. (Do not wipe perspiration from your brow or anywhere else and offer the same to dance with. If this is absolutely necessary, consider using hand sanitizer as a courtesy to your partner.)

3. Do not use other people’s sweat towels.

4. Wear freshly laundered clothes.

5. Use a tissue to dispose of chewing gum.

6. It is generally considered in poor taste and poor hygiene to massage or groom one’s feet in public. If this is absolutely unavoidable consider immediately using hand sanitizer or washing your hands – particularly before asking someone to dance.

7. Walking bare foot in a public place is generally not socially acceptable. Perhaps this would be even more applicable at a dance studio considering the odourous nature of dancer’s feet. If your feet are particularly odourous, use of foot spray and insoles might be a good idea. If you’re not sure ask a trusted friend.

8. Keep the application of hand lotion and scents to a minimum. Many people have allergies or sensitivities to the chemicals found in these products.

9. If you do choose to use hand lotion, be aware of how much you use, and do not wipe extra off on someone else’s hands without ensuring they would like it.

An Extra Note For Special Events:

With the studio, you will be encouraged to attend many semi-formal or formal events outside of the studio. These events, as would be expected, revolve around a great chance to get outside of the studio and use the social dance skills you have been learning here. As the dancing is the focus at these events, you should pay attention to the amount of alcohol that is being consumed at dinner. Ballroom dancing on a social floor is a lot like driving, and is a challenging activity after having that one glass of wine too many. Remember that you are asking fellow students and teachers to dance, and the experience might not be a pleasant one if too much alcohol has been consumed during dinner.