Monday, April 23, 2012

Leading in Smooth Dance Cont...

A strong lead does not mean applying a lot of force. It is a matter of firm, continuous and steady control.

Your two hands should form a cradle, as if you were holding a baby, with your left hand under its head and the right hand under its behind. No matter were and how you move, make sure the baby always stays in the same position. Dont squeeze its head, and dont crush it against you with your right.
That means dont squeeze your partners hand with your left, dont pull her toward you with your right. The only exception might be to counteract the centrifugal force of a fast pivot, where it might help to pull your partner into you a little more firmly with your right hand.

There are many ways to signal your partner what to do next. It all depends on the dance variation youre trying to execute. The following are just a few examples. Your right hand gently turns your partner into a promenade position. Turning your head and body toward your left gives further emphasis to the move see the second picture above. To execute a chasse, push a little harder as if to say “we have to hustle a bit here”, and at the same time pretend to lift your partner unto her toes (gently does it).

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Happy Dancing!

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