Friday, April 27, 2012

The Frustrated Follower

The Frustrated Follower

DON'T be so involved with yourself that you forget that you're actually dancing with a human being.

This can take two forms. The leader gets so caught up in his footwork, his styling, his cool moves that he forgets about what his partner is experiencing. Dance for your partner, not for yourself.
Another version of this is when the leader is more concerned with whos walking in the door, whos giving him the eye from across the room, who hed like to dance with next … that he ignores the partner he is currently dancing with.

Try to strike a balance by devoting some attention to your partners needs as well as your own. You should both look good TOGETHER on the dance floor as a single unit thats moving in harmony.

DON'T assume that its the followers fault if the dance step youre leading doesnt turn out as you planned.

A leader tends to place the blame on the follower when something goes wrong with a dance pattern because he has a very clear idea in his mind of what he wants to accomplish. What he doesnt realize is that he may not be sharing his vision with his partner by providing her with clear directions for the dance pattern.

If something doesnt work out, ask the follower why she didnt feel the lead for the particular step. She may be able to give you a valuable insight that will improve your leading ability.
Better yet, learn the followers footwork for each pattern. Youll be able to lead much better if you know first hand what youre actually asking the follower to do.

DON'T leave bruises or your thumbprints anywhere on you partners body as a permanent reminder of your dance together.

Don't laugh, Ive actually had someones thumbs imprinted on the tops of both hands for an entire day! This is usually a beginners trademark. They tend to really squeeze their partners hands while they’re struggling to remember new dance steps. Lighten up, guys! If you relax you’ll think and move better.

DO pick up a pair of comfortable ballroom dance shoes from The Dance Shoe to help with your training and to save your feet from agony after a long night on the dance floor.

Happy Dancing!

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