Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Learn to Dance Foxtrot Steps – Foxtrot Overview
Foxtrot Mood
smooth, jazzy, smoky, easy-going, without a care, 1920s, American, Sinatra
Beats Per Bar: 4
28-32 bars per minute
Basic Count – SSQQ
Although Foxtrot music has 4 beats per bar, the basic dance rhythm is 6 counts long: SSQQ. This means that a basic step takes 1½ bars of music just like Swing.
You may notice that although the beginning and end of the Foxtrot steps dont always match the beginning and end of the bars, they do match up every 3 bars. More experienced Foxtrot dancers often use steps with alternative rhythms like the box step and chasses, to match the dancing to the music when it feels good to do so.
Music & History
Foxtrot can be danced to a variety of music, but is most naturally danced to the smooth jazz sounds of the 1920s-1940s.The music can be romantic, mysterious, swingy or jazzy, but there is usually an underlying feeling of sophistication and ease about a good Foxtrot. Foxtrot music is particularly popular at weddings because of its timeless syrupy romance.
Popular Foxtrots
It Had to be You — Harry Connick Jr.
The Way You Look Tonight — Frank Sinatra
Sweet Caroline — Neil Diamond
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Happy Dancing!