Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leading in Smooth Dance Cont2...

A right hand pull also guides your partner forward into an angled position on your right or left side such as a tango fan. This gentle pull, combined with a slight rotation of your shoulders should be enough to indicate your intention.

A firm and slightly downward pull will accomplish a tango corte, particularly if combined with a slight bending of the left knee.

If you want your partner to angle backward, use a slight shoulder movement. Push forward firmly with you right shoulder to make her angle backward to your left, and vice versa. Waltz twinkles are a good example of this technique.

Start thinking about which foot your partners weight is on. Trying to lead her into a move when her weight is on the wrong foot will result in some awkward stumbling.

Finally, a word about navigation, i.e. moving around a crowded dance floor without collisions and potential injuries. In each dance, keep a repertoire of evasive steps, movements that let you quickly, and in mid-step, change your direction, halt your progression, or retreat. Look over your shoulder before moving backward. Like driving a car, try to anticipate what another couple will do next. Use a quick-moving step to bypass traffic jams and squeeze through small openings. If youre a student, ask your teacher about these maneuvers, he can show you some very effective moves.
If youre hopelessly out-of-step with your partner, or off the beat, stop and start again. Its much better than to stumble along.

These are some of the basic lead techniques. Most importantly however, dont push and pull your partner, guide her. Gentle persuasion yields far better results and more enjoyment for your partner than brute force.

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Happy Dancing!

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