Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ballroom Basics: Ten Tips in Ten Minutes that Result in Ten Times Better Dancing

Tip #1: Perfect the Correct Closed Dance Hold

It is hard to overemphasize the importance of the closed dance hold. Here’s a brief description. In the closed dance hold, the lady is positioned slightly to the right of the man. Likewise, the feet are slightly offset so that the right foot of either partner can step between the other partners feet. In this way, knees don't bang and each partner can step into the other.Now let’s talk about the connection points.One connection point is the man’s left hand to the ladies right hand. They are palm to palm in an upper-hand clasp, with fingers and thumbs closed around their partners hand. A mistake is to point any of the fingers.The next and most important connection point is the mans right hand on the ladies back. The man’s right hand is loosely cupped with fingers and thumb together, not spread apart. His hand connects to her back on her shoulder blade. His wrist should make contact with her underarm at the junction of her arm and body. The lady should position herself so as to ensure that this connection point is maintained.The third connection point is the Ladies left hand and forearm on the mans upper arm. A well-matched couple of average height and arm length will find her fingers resting on or near the seam of his shirtsleeve.The final connection point is the body contact. The right half of the mans front is in contact with the right half of the ladies front. The connection begins at the upper thighs and should continue through the diaphragm.You might be tired of hearing about the dance hold, but good dancing begins with a correct hold. Note also that in Latin dancing, connection is not made at the diaphragm.
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Happy Dancing!

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