Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ballroom Basics: Ten Tips in Ten Minutes that Result in Ten Times Better Dancing

Tip #2: Maintain Posture.

The best way for the man to check his posture is by standing with his back to a wall and then carrying this straight alignment onto the dance floor. Dance teachers often talk about the Top Line, the Midline, and the Front Line. A good dance hold, with good posture and frame present a regal and majestic appearance on the dance floor.
We also suggest a comfortable, well fitting pair of mens dance shoes to help with both your posture and comfort on the dance floor.  A nice looking pair of dance shoes certainly will not hurt when it comes to catching a ladies eye. Men, we all know how good that can feel! Come see us for a great selection of mens ballroom dance shoes at The Dance Shoe

Happy Dancing!

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