Friday, August 31, 2012

Pivots & Turns Continued…
Right pivots are difficult. But if you have been doing pivots and it does not feel quite right, or if you cannot stay on a straight line, try the following two techniques:
First, make sure that, while turning, the ladies right knee is firmly locked to your right knee. The lady has to take a good sized step forward, into you, when you take your first left foot step in front an around her.
Stay upright but keep your weight slightly on your heels and suggest the lady do the same. As you put weight on your left foot, stay back on your heel and rotate the lady around you so that when you put your weight on the right foot again, you face your line of progression. In other words, you execute a full 360 degree turn with each two steps.
I find that if I have a partner who follows the above technique, I can easily pivot many times and keep progressing on a line in the same direction.
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Happy Dancing!

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