Thursday, March 22, 2012

Turning Tip

Turning Tip

Try using the “cup and pin” technique for the connection of hands while spinning or turning. This is done by the leader making a pin with his third and fourth fingers preferably and connecting the pads of those fingers to the followers hand which is cupped slightly with the thumb tucked to her forefinger out of the way of getting caught during the turns. It is important that the follower keep her palm and wrist facing away from her and to connect to the leaders hand gently.

The leader can then easily rotate her because her fingers and palm cup will rotate with his fingers pin as she turns. In order for this to work, the follower has to have a soft tone in her arm, especially the shoulder and not push her hand above her head where she cant see it. If this happens, it is impossible for the leader to tell you how many spins he wants and makes it difficult to bring the followers hand down to stop the rotation. All of this is important for good lead and follow technique.

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