Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Get Asked to Dance at a Ballroom Dance

One thing that a lot of new people complain about when they start attending ballroom dances is that they do not get asked to dance. Act friendly. Smile, talk to people, and make sure your body language is open and inviting, not closed off—do not sit in a corner with a scowl on your face and your arms crossed. Act like you want to dance.

Stand by the floor, tap your foot, and give off an “I want to dance” vibe. Sometimes, people will ask the first person they come to rather than seek someone out who is sitting down, away from the floor. Attend the lesson before the dance, if there is one. You normally get to rotate through several different partners, so you will get a chance to meet some people. People are more likely to ask you to dance if they know you or have danced with you before.

Participate in the mixers. You will get a chance to dance with several different people, and again, they will be more likely to ask you to dance in the future.

Ask people to dance. If everyone waited for someone to ask them, no one would dance! It is quite acceptable in this day and age for women to ask men to dance. Look around for a likely candidate, maybe someone you have danced with before, and ask. This will encourage that person to ask you again later.

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Happy Dancing!

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