Thursday, March 8, 2012

How often should you replace dance shoes?

How often should you replace dance shoes?

Dancers don’t like to replace their shoes until they are absolutely falling apart. Broken-in shoes are more comfortable…

Dancers are athletes, so they don’t like to replace their shoes unless they are falling apart. It’s really up to the dancer when they want to replace them. Most dancers don’t replace them until they’re torn apart, because shoes that are broken-in are more comfortable. Dance is an expensive career, because you take classes constantly.
With classes and costumes, you definitely want your shoes to last. We recommend that if they’re falling apart, you should get a new pair, because they might cause injury. With a point shoe, when the shoe gets so soft that you can barely get on point, we recommend you get a new one. With jazz shoes it could be when the sole is starting to fall apart that you need new ones.

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