Monday, February 6, 2012

Ballroom Dancing Tips Cont…

One of the common problems in the ballroom dancing scenario is that you need to anticipate your partner’s every move and match it comfortably. Since men will be expected to lead, they should lean a bit in the direction that they intend to step. A minor lean should indicate a smaller step, while a lean of greater proportion should signify a larger step. Ladies should become accustomed to leaning in the same direction, once they perceive their partners’ signal.This will avoid a rough start, as well as choppy moves once the dance begins.Think of it as a kind of silent dance language.

Accomplishing good form and style is contingent upon proper footwork. Remember to align your feet parallel with your partner’s – with the toe of one foot pointed between his or her feet; carry your weight on the ball of your foot; take definite steps while avoiding the tendency to drag the feet; and make sure to step from the hip so that the leg can move freely from the joint and strive to keep your feet close together when changing course in order to maintain a good sense of balance.

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Happy Dancing!

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