Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Defensive Dancing

Defensive Dancing

Defensive dancing is the art of anticipating what your partner is likely to happen on the dance floor that is undesirable and preparing for it ahead of time. This tip primarily applies for the gentlemen as you are in control…or at least should be. =-)

When taking lessons, if your instructors do not already do this for you, learn to ask them what problems you can generally anticipate in a particular pattern and how to pre-empt these problems. For example, when leading fast-paced changes in direction you can anticipate that your partner may be likely to end up back weighted and off balance. To help prevent this you can plan to keep your leads tighter and shorter before your partner has an opportunity to dance out of control.

Similarly, when engaging in free spins or blind turns with an inexperienced or new partner, it’s always a good idea to keep a hand on your partner’s person to ensure they have some sense of where you are until you have a better sense of each other.

Other ways to dance more effectively are to always wear mens dancing shoes that will help keep YOU balanced and be more in control. Check out our selection at to find the pair that best suits you!

Happy Dancing!

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