Friday, December 16, 2011

Dance Etiquette Tip 113

Dance Etiquette Tip 113

13. Although this may have been considered charming in years past, kissing a lady’s hand or any other part of her body without an invitation to do so can very easily be considered a serious invasion of one’s personal space and even sexual harassment. Accepting or asking for a dance does not necessarily imply personal interest even if the dance is a passionate or provocative one by nature. Both the lady and the gentlemen should consider each dance much like a brief conversation at a party where they will then move to the next chat.

Comfortable footwear is always key to top performance in ballroom dancing and the ideal dance shoe should combine comfort and style in one!   A comfortable dance shoe for both men and women will stabilize you in the smooth dances. Alternately, comfortable latin shoes or dance boots for men and ladies will help place the weight and foot in the rhythm dances.
When a man chooses dance shoes, he should consider both comfort and style. Visit for a terrific selection in both women’s dance shoes and men’s dance shoes that are BOTH comfortable and stylish!

Happy Dancing!

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