Monday, December 19, 2011

Dance Etiquette 114

Dance Etiquette 114

14. When attending a group class, show consideration for both the teacher and other students by not interrupting and by adhering to the material assigned. Remember that some students are learning the material for the first time and will appreciate having the opportunity to practice.

Comfortable footwear is always key to top performance in ballroom dancing and the ideal dance shoe should combine comfort and style in one!   A comfortable dance shoe for both men and women will stabilize you in the smooth dances. Alternately, comfortable practice shoes will help save your feet while you practice, sometimes for hours, on a routine or new style of dance.
When choosing dance shoes, you should consider both comfort and style. Visit for a terrific selection in both women’s dance shoes and men’s dance shoes that are BOTH comfortable and stylish!

Happy Dancing!

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