Wednesday, January 9, 2013

“Practice makes perfect”

“Practice makes perfect”

Well, I don’t know about perfect but it sure helps the memory out. Even going through what you learned in class for 5 minutes ago,  when you get home makes a big difference in remembering for the following week’s lesson or social. Several times I have heard “well we can’t seem to find the time together to practice during the week with our busy schedules”. My response is “practice yourself.”  It’s amazing how going over pivot turns by yourself or thinking about where you prep to lead a turn really improves your own dancing. Then in class you can practice together. And secondly, attend some dances, if you don’t already, that’s where you can have fun socially with everyone from your group class plus get some floor time in. Who cares if you mess up, that’s why everyone else is there too, for the practice!!
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Happy Dancing!
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