Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stay Connected to your own Body in all Dancing

Stay Connected to your own Body in all Dancing
Lastly, stay connected within your own body. Make sure your whole body is telling the same story. It is easy to let your arms flail around, completely disconnected from your body. Arm styling does not look very good if it does not seem to be matching your body—feel as though you are using your body to start each arm movement. If your arm is reaching to the side, your body should be, too. Do not let your arms go behind your body, because this creates a broken line.
Posture is an important part of this. Keep your shoulders back and your upper body stretching upward. Do not let the sides of your body, from your ribcage to your hips, collapse when you make body shapes; rather, keep both sides straight and stretch one side more than the other. Every line in your body should flow smoothly to the next.
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Happy Dancing!

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