Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ballroom Dancing Tips: Get Connected

Ballroom Dancing Tips: Get Connected

Ballroom dancing, Latin dancing and swing dancing are all about connection. Here are some tips on developing better connection to improve your dancing.The wonderful thing about ballroom dancing, Latin dancing, and swing dancing is that two people work together to create a beautiful art form to music. The partners rely on each other, each doing their part to make the partnership work. The leader must make the decisions about what step to dance, what direction to go and which beat to dance on. The follower must follow the leader’s directions which is more difficult than it sounds and complete the picture the leader sketches. Both partners provide counterbalance to each other to make their movements bigger and turns faster. All of this is made possible through the use of connection.If you were to ask five different people what they think dancing is all about, you will most likely hear five different answers. However, what makes dancing, dancing is simple: connection. In order to truly dance, you must be connected to the music, connected to your partner, and connected within yourself.It is easy to become disconnected when you are partner dancing, such as ballroom, Latin or swing, and not realize it because you are concentrating on one small detail—the beat, where your feet go, what you are doing with your arms. However, when this happens you are missing the whole point of partner dancing.

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Happy Dancing!

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